In complex technologies, such as telecommunications, computers, and software, the need for interoperability and standardisation has created an unprecedented environment of technical interdependence: no one company owns all the patents on anything anymore. In complex technologies, patent rights are fragmented. Nearly every product incorporates hundreds, or even thousands of patents, owned by dozens of different entities, some with vastly different business goals. The result is a ghastly web of intersecting and overlapping patent rights.

Careful product design can help to lessen these problems, but it is sometimes necessary to obtain patent rights from others. How this is done can have a substantial impact on the scope and cost of these licenses. Early assessment of these costs in the product development cycle can help to establish a realistic cost basis.

The experts at Avvika AB can help you acquire the licenses you need. From assessing the licensing landscape, to developing a negotiation strategy, to making a final agreement and assisting with compliance after the ink is signed, Avvika AB provides you with support you might need to navigate this complicated matters.

Contact Avvika AB for the expert assistance you need to acquire the licenses essential for your business.

All companies developing emerging technology are threatened by the prospect of patent licensing royalties Berners-Lee said. "You could never find out what patent could possibly apply to what technology," he said. "You could never guess what things people might have the gall to say they have patented already. It really is a universal fear."

World Wide Web Inventor Warns Of Patent Licensing Royalty Threat

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