Avvika AB was founded by Eric Stasik in October, 2006.

Our business concept is based on the observation that the 21st Century will be dominated by two intersecting trends: 1) the increasing population of Knowledge Companies ­ i.e., those organisations who create shareholder value from intangible assets, and 2) the rise of complex technologies where patent rights are highly fragmented.

In this new environment, conventional ideas about patents (and the traditional patent attorney firms who help companies obtain patents) are no longer suitable.

Avvika AB is a business-oriented IPR consulting firm that offers a patently different approach.

Our offices are located in the old town of the world’s most beautiful city, Stockhholm, Sweden, in a building dating from 1622. Firmly rooted in tradition, Avvika AB deviates from old-fashioned ideas about patents to provide our clients with creative, unconventional, and leading-edge patent strategies.

Avvika AB is joint stock company with limited liability (aktiebolag) organised under the laws of the country of Sweden. Organisation No. 556716-6599. (Företaget innehåller F-skattesedel.)


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Avvika Aktiebolag
Organisation No. 556716-6599

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