Patent mining is rather like real mining: it involves sifting through lots of raw material looking for unknown -  or extracting known - items of value. Patent mining can help the business developer identify new business opportunities in two basic ways:

1. Patent mining of public patent databases

Searching for trajectories in technology, patterns in R&D, technology relationships and other meaningful trends can yield substantial dividends. Patent mining can lead to, or support, business development by:

- providing competitive intelligence;

- identifying potential merger and acquisition (M&A) targets and opportunities;

- influencing research and development (R&D) strategy; and

- predicting and exploiting emerging technology.

There are some companies who have developed specialized software to perform statistical analysis of patent records. With millions of patent documents containing a vast amount of technical information, a computer-aided quantative/statistical analysis can be very useful in identifying trends. When combined a qualitative/content analysis based on technical knowledge and rational patenting experience, a fuller picture of these trends is produced.

Patent08 can help you use patent mining to illustrate competitive trends and to identify business opportunties.

2. Patent mining in one's own portfolio of patents

Looking for  "Rembrands in the Attic" - unused or underutilized patents - can result in new revenue streams from the sale or licensing of these assets. Looking at the patent portfolio from the outside in, patent engineers from Patent08 provide a comprehensive analysis of licensing opportunities including, where appropriate, valuation. Equally important, a third-party review of the portfolio can help to identify patents of no value that add only cost to the bottom line. A periodic cleansing of the portfolio saves money and helps to keep the focus on productive patents.

Let Avvika AB do the mining for you. Using a combination of technical, legal, business development, and commercial licensing expertise, Avvika AB is uniquely capable of identifying business opportunities. Avvika AB can also help you improve your own mining operations.

Contact Avvika AB to see how Patent Mining can create value for you.



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